Video: TFI Interactive Day 2014


On March 26th, Avatar Secrets director Ramona Pringle headed to New York to share a sneak peek of the interactive documentary with the crowd at the Tribeca Film Institute’s TFI Interactive Day, part of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

Held in the epic IAC Building, the towering architectural iceberg on the West Side Highway, presentations were screened on the building’s signature 20-foot high definition video wall. That’s a lot of digital real estate for a project originally designed to fit in the palm of your hand!

Ramona talked about the inception of the project, opening up about some of her own experiences, which inspired the story. From there, she dove right into presenting samples of the interactive documentary’s user experience.

As she shared never-before-seen clips, Ramona explain how the unique style and aesthetic that the team developed for Avatar Secrets was an integral part of the storytelling, exploring how our digital experiences are ever present in our real lives, while our online experiences are increasingly “real”. And how a combination of live action footage, animated graphic novel-style sequences, and rotoscoped transitions was used to visualize the themes of hybrid reality and overlapping worlds.

Ramona went on to explain how the tablet format and touch screen interface added to the narrative experience, and how those now ubiquitous tools are used to create a layered experience where the viewer can guide their own experience, either following the main storyline or diving deeper into the narrative at specific points to follow threads in the story to discover additional scenes, or hear expert commentary.

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