Transmedia in 2014: Deep Vs Wide


In our media saturated world, creative platforms abound. If you have a story to tell, there is no shortage of places to tell it: on television, in theatres, in print, via mobile devices, and across social media.

This increase over the last decade has led to the explosion of “transmedia, ” the potential to tell stories across multiple platforms and create “storyworlds” where audiences can follow characters across different media.

Art and innovation intertwine, as transmedia storytellers have taken us on journeys across the wide realm of new media.

Now in 2014, we have countless options to seed stories and share content.

We also have more powerful, ubiquitous, and intuitive devices, which present a new way to think of transmedia.

Where the first wave of transmedia opened up the possibility of wide storyscapes, our powerful devices invite us to reimagine a transmedia experience that is deep, in which different storylines and media are integrated into one self contained experience, on one platform.


Deep or wide, the transmedia-inspired narrative format is still one of choice and discovery.

In an incredibly diverse media landscape, we can now tackle the potential of a transmedia project — branching storylines, mixed media and modes of storytelling — and integrate those rich components into one app, to create an interactive experience that is self contained, layered, and deep as opposed to wide and spread out across multiple platforms.

With Avatar Secrets, using a tablet interface allowed us to create a rich narrative inside an interactive app, allowing the viewer to progress through the story experience at her own pace, and push in deeper to explore ideas and themes through animated hotspots that link the viewer to additional layers of story, theory, and philosophy… the transmedia equivalent of footnotes, with layers of additional storylines, thematic explorations and textures at the viewer’s fingertips as they choose to dig deeper…

The beauty of transmedia, with the convenience and ease of a self contained story.


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