Avatar Secrets is a interactive documentary developed the iPad and iPhone, and now available as a 10 episode web series on Vimeo. A digital project in form and content, Avatar Secrets explores the complexities of human connection in the wired world, examining the evolving nature of community, relationships, empathy and interdependence in the real world, and the digital frontier.

The story begins in New York City. Ramona Pringle, an interactive producer for PBS has it all — an exciting career, fabulous friends and a great boyfriend. But when her mom gets sick, Ramona decides to pack up her charmed life, and move home to Toronto. A short time later, she and her boyfriend break up. Back in her childhood bedroom, Ramona goes online. Venturing into the alluring world of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), Ramona creates her own avatar, ‘Tristanova’ and sets off on her first quest. In the process of levelling up, Ramona has discoveries that change her life, and the way she sees the world.

Originally developed for the iPad within a multi-layered 2.5D interface, Avatar Secrets combines cinematic live-action video footage, animated sequences, case studies, and interviews with some of the leading minds in media and technology. Now available worldwide in the App Store.