Download Avatar Secrets From the Canadian App Store


AVATAR SECRETS is live and can be downloaded from the Canadian App Store beginning today.

The result of over a year’s work by the creative and technical team, AVATAR SECRETS is an exciting new prototype within the documentary genre, and one of the first features to be delivered exclusively for the iPad.

A POV documentary movie at its core, AVATAR SECRETS follows writer/director Ramona Pringle as she journeys from the real to the virtual world in search of love, life and meaning in the 21st Century.

Layered on top of this narrative are some 30 minutes of additional video content and expert interviews, as well as an extra 36 ‘hot spot’ annotations.

Using the touch screen capabilities of the iPad, viewers can uncover this additional content, going deeper into the story or further into the many thematic issues explored within the context of the documentary.

The story itself is broken into 10 chapters, each exploring a life lesson learned within the alluring world of MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) — in this instance World of Warcraft.

Viewers travel into and through the game world via animated sequences built within an innovative multi-layered 2.5D interface. Primarily used in game design, 2.5D (or two-and-a-half-dimensional) involves layering and animating two-dimensional images in three dimensional space. In the case of AVATAR SECRETS, this adds to the sensation of the viewer being inside the game with the characters.

This is a truly stunning visual experience to be experienced in the intimacy of the iPad.

AVATAR SECRETS was written and directed by Ramona Pringle. Creative direction by Michaele Jordana, animation by Olney Atwell and illustration by Michael Derrah.

The app will be available in the US and internationally in early November 2014.

Meantime, Canadian viewers can get a sneak peek of AVATAR SECRETS all this week and next with METRO News. The publication is running a special editorial feature in all print versions, online and via METRO’s augmented reality app for iTunes and Android.