Welcome To The ‘Making Of’ Avatar Secrets

* February:  The Fountain Scene: The challenges of bringing the story to life

* March: From Concept to Character: The evolution of the Avatar Secrets storyboards

* April: Film? Graphic Novel? E-Book?: The structure and experience of Avatar Secrets

* May: Waking Up in the Virtual World: The aesthetics of Avatar Secrets

* June: Visualizing a New Hybrid Reality: Illustration meets live action in an application

* July: The Era of Play: Remixing classic documentary assets within a new digital format

About” href=”http://avatarsecrets.com/about/#.Uu1h33ddWi4″>’About’ section of our website.

Developed for the iPad within a multi-layered 2.5D interface,  Avatar Secrets combines cinematic live-action video footage, animated sequences, case studies, and interviews with some of the world’s leading minds in the digital conversation.

Benefitting from the touch screen capabilities of the iPad,  Avatar Secrets creates an immersive narrative experience for the viewer.

With real-world, live-action video footage and captivating case studies, integrated into beautiful animated sequences,  Avatar Secrets records writer/director Ramona Pringle’s own life changing virtual experiences and perceptions.

Broken into self contained chapters, the narrative is layered with interactive features and additional rich content including video commentaries, extended sequences, and expert interview clips.

User experience borrows from games and interactive graphic novels, and integrates common tablet user interactions such as screen taps and swipes, for an intuitive experience.