Michael Derrah

Michael Derrah is an award-winning Toronto-based illustrator and storyboard artist. A jack-of-all-trades creatively, Michael has worked as an animator, painter, illustrator, editor, director, game designer and writer.

Michael’s artistic ambitions began at a young age. He started writing and drawing his own comic books at the age of eleven. At fourteen, he was creating his own video game modifications with original art and map designs. His interests lead to a career in the video game industry.

For half a decade he was employed by independent studios as an animator and designer. After graduating from Sheridan College with a B.A. in Animation in 2010, Michael began a new career as a professional storyboard artist. He has since gone on to develop concept art and storyboards for numerous media properties including most notably, the HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

A true die hard, Michael uses his little free time to write and illustrate his own comic book series. He is also learning about cameras and script writing while developing his first short film.

His other interests include: scuba diving, Muay Thai, veggie smoothies and fine Bourbon.