From Storyboard To Animation: Developing A Hybrid Style

Once we decided that the line between what was illustrated and what was photorealistic would be blurred, the next step was executing it in a way that was subtle enough to trick the eye. That way when the viewer noticed it, it would give them a sense of awe — the same sensory experience that Ramona experienced in her journey through the digital terrain.

Originally, we thought that Avatar Secrets would be comprised of mostly documentary footage with snippets of computer graphics.

But as we worked on the storyboards, we decided that we liked the organic feel of the hand drawn illustrations created by Michael Derrah, and the way the ‘real world’ illustrations manifested the hybrid reality.

Creative Director Michaele Jordana tackled the next creative challenge of layering photographic assets into the scenes within the virtual world. In the evolution from sketch to final render, photographic elements were incorporated, like the feathering on the bird, and the subtle pulse of its breath.

Here you can see how Chapter 3, Scene 6 came to life, first in a black and white sketch for composition…


Then as a coloured storyboard to see how it fit within the full sequence..


Then as the assets which comprised the final animation…





And finally the finished scene…

[yendifplayer video=6]