From Storyboard To Finished Product: Rotoscoping Effect


While many of the real world scenes in Avatar Secrets are illustrated, others are photographic.

To transition between the two styles, we incorporated a rotoscoping effect, where the footage is “traced over, ” creating an illustration that matches the frame for a smooth transition between media.

Some scenes were drawn to match existing documentary footage while other scenes were shot to match the angles in the storyboards. The latter was used especially for sequences where we integrated transitions through fragmenting between layers or pushing in through 3D space.


Narratively, rotoscoped scenes became one of the recurring visual tools for transitioning between the real world and the virtual world.  We see Ramona “fragment” into her illustrated self, and then see that self further “fragment” into her avatar, Tristanova.

This visual effect allows us to move from the real world to the game world without needing to always log in and out, and echoes the complexities of our blurred digital lives.