The Fountain Scene: Final Render

This is how it all came together.

When we rendered out this scene, I think collectively we all let out a big sigh of relief, because we just knew that it was right.

It felt right.


[yendifplayer video=3]

You get what the story is all about, even without words, you get the transition between worlds, the pull of the online world, and the layer of reality that is embedded into the virtual experience.

Since we’re building this for the iPad, we also wanted to push beyond flat X and Y axis navigation — moving up and down, backwards and forwards, and play with the idea of moving through layers of content, through worlds, falling in deeper and deeper, and pulling back out.

The iPad, especially with the way we interact with it through touch, really lends itself to an experience where you can travel deep into the screen, and thematically that is really exciting, and holds huge narrative potential.

All of the visual components of this scene were designed to speak to a theme, to visualize a question that we’re wrestling with as a creative and journalistic team… so this really was proof of concept.