Avatar Secrets Profiled on Space’s InnerSpace


Amidst the excitement of previews, sneak-peeks and installations at i-docs, MIPDOC, Hot Docs Film Festival and TFI Interactive, Avatar Secrets was recently featured on the Space Channel’s flagship show, InnerSpace. I spoke to Morgan Hoffman about our hybrid documentary, interactive media, and what an exciting time it is to be working in storytelling!

The video interview touched on where the story came from and how the project came to life.

Morgan and I chatted about why the creative team chose this interactive format for Avatar Secrets, and I gave the InnerSpace team a glimpse of the app and how it works, previewing auto-play and interactive modes and how to navigate the different layers of content.

The interview also touched on the incredible potential of new interactive formats on narrative, and what it means for storytelling.

After all, we tell the same archetypal stories — falling in love, overcoming obstacles — but the way we tell those stories is changing as the technologies we use on a daily basis evolve.

You can check out the full interview, including a first look at some of our newest, never-before-seen clips, here: